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Core and Pelvic Floor Fitness, Winter 2022

Core and Pelvic Floor Fitness, Winter 2022

Core and Pelvic Floor Fitness, Winter 2022

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6 week Class begins Feb 8,   7:30-8:30 PM.  This class is virtual, live streamed. Recordings of first and last class will be provided to participants for review. 

This class will help you develop and strengthen:

**Posture, length, mobility

**Trunk muscle control, bringing the abdominal, spine, shoulders and arms, and pelvic floor together for strength and function.  It iwll be helpful for incontinence and pelvic prolapse/heaviness, but IS a class and will not address or treat individual concerns. 

We will utilize Low Pressure Fitness exerices and progression, core and pelvic floor strength exercises, and breath techniques to create postural changes, strength in function, and mobility. These techniques may be used in other exercise classes or routines. 

Low Pressure Fitness is a training system that combines the basics of hypopressive technique, myofascial mobility, and neuramuscular training with exercise science. Rebecca has completed her basic training in this technique.

We will combine the LPF techniques with other pelvic floor and core exercises. 

Equipment needed: a yoga or exercise mat, 1-2 yoga blankets/beach towels or a pillow. A yoga strap or scarf. You will not need a lot of space for this class. 

*****PLEASE NOTE: this class is not intended to take the place of treatment for core, pelvic floor, or other concerns. It will add to what you might already be doing with PT to treat. It will provide you with additional techniques and follow through. 

****** This class is appropriate for any fitness level, but if you have concerns, please contact me. I ask that participants be 6 weeks postpartum or more. If you have had abdominal surgeries (including c-section, hysterectomy, or laparoscopic procedures), it is advised that you wait 3 months from surgery to fully to the LPF techniques. Please contact me to discuss your personal situation, surgery, and recovery. 

*****I ask that participants have their camera on in order to assess and instruct for techniques, position, and breath. This input will provide you with the best experience.  (I will not record participants).

The instructors
Rebecca Meehan
Rebecca is the co-owner and founder of Embody Physiotherapy and Wellness, LLC. After two decades of practicing in orthopedic physical therapy and pelvic health, her passion for holistic wellness, prevention, and integrative health led her to obtain her certification in Medical Therapeutic Yoga and to study Bones for Life, and the Franklin Method. She obtained her yoga certification form the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and has since taught other healthcare providers through the training. She believes in finding solutions that bridge the gap between rehabilitation and movement out of the clinic for her patients, both through physical therapy and the yoga courses she teaches. Rebecca is a participant with the Birthworkers of Western PA, the American Physical Therapy Association, the APTA Section on Women’s Health, and the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association. She holds a degree from the Medical College of Virginia, VCU. When not working with clients, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, bicycling, and grounding herself through cooking and gardening.
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